Monday, July 18, 2011

The Final Summit

So my first BookSneeze book was The Final Summit: A Quest to Find the One Principle That Will Save Humanity by Andy Andrews.  It is the 'much awaited' follow up to The Traveler's Gift, continuing the story of David Ponder in a 'where is he now' kind of way.  David Ponder is quite a bit older and has lived his life trying to uphold and teach the lessons he learned as a traveler.  He has recently lost his wife and so despite his successes is feeling depressed and alone when the angel Gabriel (or should I say Archangel Gabriel) appears to him and tells him that they need him again.  There is to be a summit of travelers and so since David was the last traveler, and the only one still living, they need him there as the representative for earth and humanity.  So he climbs on Gabriel's back and is whisked away to a board room in heaven or somewhere similar, where he is to meet with other travelers and figure out the one principle that will save humanity.

As different travelers join him at the table, I was reminded once more of Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure especially when Abraham Lincoln and Joan of Arc were at the table with him.  It's funny there's something about Andy Andrews' books that always make me think of other things...  Anyway overall I liked this book less than The Traveler's Gift, I found it similarly equal parts inspiring and cheesy.  Though actually I would say this one was more cheesy and predictable to me than the first.  I didn't think the message was as inspiring and it felt like he was trying too hard.  I don't know - it wasn't my favorite.

But I loved learning about Eric Ericson!  The story of how was a self-made spy during World War II.  He used his skills and education to infiltrate the Nazis, learn where their secret fuel sources were, and reported the information to Great Britain and America so that they could bomb them.  Amazing.  This is the kind of story I wish I had learned in school.  Learning about the individuals in history helps me remember the dates, times and places that are drilled into our heads in school.  Anyway basically I feel like the story of Eric Ericson was the best part of the book, and if you asked me right now what the one principle was I don't think I could tell you.  But I could definitely tell you, in detail, the story of Ericson.

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