Thursday, November 3, 2011

Anna and the French Kiss

I just finished Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins last night after my friend Erika recommended it to me.  Well technically I finished it this morning, in the wee hours to be more precise.  I've been a bit sick and for some reason despite the fact that I am completely exhausted, I'm not sleeping very well.  So when I went to bed last night I thought I'd read for a while until I get sleepy.  You know how that usually works- just read a book while you're all snuggled  and cozy in bed and before too long you can hardly keep your eyes open.  Well in this case it did not work.  I started this book at about 11:30 pm and read and read and read.  And at about 2:45 am I looked at the clock, realized that I only had about a chapter left and still wasn't tired, so I just finished it.  Clearly I enjoyed the book since I read it straight through.  It was pretty fun.

It's the story of Anna, who is sent off to Paris by her author father for her Senior year of high school.  And how she goes from hating being there and missing her home, family, friends and crush back in the States to making new friends, falling in love with Paris and all it has to offer, and developing a new crush along the way.  Again a typical chick-lit-young-adult book.  But you know I like those.  In fact I liked it so much that I have already requested Perkins' next book Lola and the Boy Next Door.  Which apparently has Anna and her boyfriend in it as well as side characters - very excellent.  Can't wait to get it.

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