Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Story Sisters

I picked up The Story Sisters by Alice Hoffman because I love a good book about sisters (having 2 fab sisters of my own).  And I wanted this to be a good book about sisters, and not that it wasn't good - it's just that it was different than I expected.  I think I went into it thinking Garden Spells, and it was much darker.  So it took me a bit to keep going once the tone shifted.

The lives and experiences of the three sisters, Elv, Claire and Meg, are hard and often heartbreaking.  There were times I wanted to yell at the girls 'just go tell your mom what happened and it will get better!'  But alas that is not the way it works in books - or life for that matter.  I definitely enjoyed the story of Claire the most, especially while she was in France.  But in the end I did enjoy the entire book - heartbreak and disappointment and all. 

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