Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Discovery of Witches

I picked up A Discovery of Witches by Deborah E. Harkness thinking that is was going to be a stand alone book.  But it is the first of a trilogy - the All Souls Trilogy to be exact.  And not that that's a bad thing - I love a good series.  But I was in fact in the mood for a single book, that actually had resolution at the end.  Oh well.

My brother Michael and I read this book at the same time and we both agreed that there are times in the book (a lot of times) that made us think Harkness had read Twilight and thought "I could do better."  But by the end it was enough different than Twilight that I really did enjoy it.  Though I will admit that when I was a little more than half way through it and realized that it was going to be a series I was annoyed.  And fortunately for her, she ended it in such a way that I found so interesting that I will be reading the next one (whenever that comes out).  Blast her!  Why did I have to read book 1 the year it came out?  I hate waiting for the rest of the series.  Especially when it is definitely not a midnight party Harry Potter type of book that is more than worth the wait.  I have a feeling this series is going to leave me disappointed.  Hmm, how's that for a rave review?!

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