Thursday, September 1, 2011

Heart of the Matter

So I've read all (I think) of Emily Giffin's books, so I picked up Heart of the Matter the other day at the library while I was waiting for my requests to come in.  And I guess it had been a while since I read Giffin's other books, because I remember liking them.  I had vague memories of disliking a lot of her main characters - but I thought I always enjoyed the books themselves.  That being said I'm pretty sure I read all her other books when I was young(er) and single.  And now I am older and married and more judgmental I guess - cause let me tell you I was not impressed.  In fact about half way through the second chapter I told Mark the entire plot and the ending, and I was right.  That is not good if I can predict your entire story, including specific details at the very beginning.  I'm just saying.

I guess in the years since I read her other books, I forgot that they are all about cheating and affairs, etc.  So it will come as no surprise that this one it too.  And I am just frustrated with the idea that people have that all men will cheat.  The notion that if they haven't yet, they will, it is inevitable really ticks me off.  It is not true.  I won't believe it.  I do believe there are cheater - both male and female, but I do not believe it is an inevitability.  It is a choice - a bad one - made by one person that inflicts harm upon many.  And that's my soapbox for you.  Anyway I didn't actually hate this book, I did finish it after all.  Although I did put it down at least three times declaring I was done with it, only to pick it up again.  And I must admit that the main reason I always picked it up again was because I wanted to know if I was right.  And as I mentioned previously - I was.

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